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Astounding hotels 

Imagination translated into reality. Audacity presented as an option.

Hotel owners and designers always seem to go beyond expectations to dazzle us. More and more of them try to outdo one another to really WOW guests.

It’s all the better for us as guests!

Here are four eclectic establishments in which we can see the results of this trend.

The Boscolo Exedra, Nice

All white and transparent. Marble, glass, crystal with a few flower petals. The chicness of the Belle Époque, revisited with a pure modernity.

The pride of the Boscolo: its French and Italian cuisine, its unsettling spa where you don’t know whether you are on the moon, in a forest, lake or in a submarine.

The Nhow, Berlin

Mostly pinkish and round, even if you choose a blue and pink or blue and black room. Awash in music, art and style. Suspended in the sky, coming out of a building like a drawer, over the River Spree.

The essence of the establishment: music and lifestyle with Wi-Fi and high quality sound systems everywhere, including in the rooms, energetic, trendy and avant-garde shows.

The Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile

It is not ON a mountain, but IN a conic one. Surrounded by moss and leaves and pierced by small windows framed with white curtains. Nature… almost unreal!

Inside, a few small rooms with private bathrooms can be found at the end of a spiraling wooden stairway.

All around are wild boar, deer and green excursions, of course.

The Costa Verde, Costa Rica

The obsession by the owner for a plane fuselage, encrusted within the jungle as though it had been forced to land there, led to this establishment.

One Boeing 727 and one C-123 Fairchild have full amenities. Two bedroom/terrace suites nestled 15 meters in the jungle canopy, with a view of the sea. Howler monkeys, squirrels and white-headed capuchins are neighbors.

All four are worth the trip just for the sight of them!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge





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