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The Photographing Tourist     —    We are breaking new ground this month! We’re not satisfied with presenting just one destination. Through more than 300 photographs, anecdotes and stories, we invite you to visit numerous destinations the world over through the eyes and observations of a photographer who has travelled with groups of tourists in what are known as “organized trips”: David Noyes.

What justifies this choice? Because The Photographing Tourist: A storyteller’s Guide to Travel and Photography, is a magnificent book that has won no less than 10 prestigious awards, among which is the Book Publishers Association Ben Franklin Awards, one of the most coveted awards in the independent publishing world.

Another coffee table book?  

Not quite! This book is in fact the work of a photographer who chose to travel with organized groups, rather than alone.

All photographers who have travelled as a part of a group of tourists, whatever the destination, have probably experienced the same sensation as David when hearing the dreaded words: “Back to the bus in 20 minutes!” What a nightmare for a photographer who is anxious to bring back original images! How is it possible to find a unique angle to shoot the perfect photo in an unknown location in such a short period of time?

This is what David Noyes wants to share. He explores the challenges of group travel with the imposed constraints of itinerary and time, while appreciating the experience and discoveries combined with a desire to bring back images that are anything but banal.

To meet the challenge

The Photographing Tourist is much more than a photography book! It is filled with Noyes’ stories about isolated cultures, exploring local life, and challenging personal adventures. It is also a collection of portraits, sacred places, monuments and natural sites any traveler would love to see and bring back home on film.

The book was conceived as a witness to a travel experience and as a tool for the photographer and tourist. David has had the idea to share his talent and techniques by sprinkling throughout the book technical shorts with valuable information on elements of design, composition, depth of field, exposure, using lines, and developing a point of view. In short, lots of tips to develop a well-trained eye for beauty!

You will also learn to “see” your trip and your photographs differently and most of all, to cherish the change you have had as a traveler upon returning home from different parts of the world.

Who is David?

David Noyes is a travel writer and photographer who has received numerous awards for his photography and travel writing, including the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) Travel Photographer of the Year for three consecutive years, and two prestigious Lowell Thomas Awards for excellence in travel journalism.

In 2013, he launched Innocent Eyes Project, Inc., a United States-based nonprofit corporation that supports child education programs in the developing world. He lives in Buffalo, New York.

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