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In Peru

At the heart of its beliefs and legends  

Since we featured Peru and its Incan civilizations in our Euphoria of the month, why not really immerse yourself in the country and explore its many different sides during a real trip to this fascinating country!

A 13-day stay from Lima will first allow you to discover the Incan face of the imperial city of Cuzco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman, dedicated to the sun, Puca Pucara, the red fortress, the archaeological site of Tipón, with its fountains in the Sacred Valley; all of this will immerse you in this ancient civilization while allowing you to slowly acclimatize to the altitude. A stop at the Church of St. Peter the Apostle of Andahuaylillas, known as "The Sistine Chapel of Peru", one of the oldest in the country, is also a must.

Explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas en route to Pisac, visit the textile center of Awanacancha, and then explore the Incan ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

And why not enjoy a sunrise over Machu Picchu, whose majesty you will see at a glance as you approach the site from above, and then explore its temples and streets.

On the way back to Cusco, stop at the salineras, which dates back to the pre-Incan period and where several hundred pools are clumped together and form what is almost a white hive, at the bottom of the valley.

A little further away, on the way to Puno, it is the city of Raqchi, with its circular Incan ruins and its temple of the Sun, which will catch your attention.

Arriving in Puno, on the shore of Lake Titicaca, which is the highest navigable lake in the world, you will discover forty artificial islands made of straw where the Aymaras live. They maintain the ancestral lifestyle of the Uros. It is another civilization that you must take the time to discover!

Still in Puno, go to the so-called "transdimensional" door of Hayu Marca in Aramu Muru. This is a door that gives access to different worlds, and then end the day with a fabulous sunset over the Incan and pre-Incan tomb towers of the Sillustani funeral site.

Through it all, you might have the opportunity to attend a Pachamama or “mother earth” offering ceremony, experience an Andean ritual with the Quechuas, or even to meet a shaman, who is both a priest and a healer.

There is everything you need for a total immersion in the land of the Incas!


Christiane Théberge

This 13-day trip is one of those suggested in the Ulysses guide "Voyages spirituels - 50 itinéraires de rêve autour du monde".



At the Machu Picchu

The salineras

Lake Titicaca




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