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For art, science, palaces and paella

A Spanish city of 1 million people, Valencia is among the best cultural destinations for history, artistic creations, traditional and ultra-modern architecture and festivals.

New trademark

The spectacular, audacious and futuristic architectural work by Santiago Calatrava, the City of Arts and Sciences, must be one of the most photographed architectural works in Europe.
It should be visited for all kinds of reasons: its opera and concert halls, its museum of sciences, its IMAX cinema, its planetarium and oceanographic park.

To stay on our side of modernism, also go to Valencia for the Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity, the Modern Art Institute, the Music Palace and the Agora, a large open public place that can accommodate huge concerts and shows.

Nostalgia and magic

Classics that should be discovered in Valencia are the old palaces, the Rotunda Plaza, the mosaics of the Gare du Nord, the sublime González Marti National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuary Arts, the Teatro Principal, the Museum of Fine Arts, and during your stroll, the building gates, which are true sculptures.

Another museum that is destined to become a real classic is the Bullfighting Museum. Since this kind of show is no longer allowed in Catalonia, it is no longer a guilty pleasure to see!
Half a day at the Almirante Muslim Baths with their cold, lukewarm and hot rooms promise sensations from ancient times.

On March 19, the Las Fallas Festival literally sets the city ablaze. This five-day event celebrates ”fire” with three millions of smoke and flame lovers. It culminates on the 19th of March, when huge “ninots” (papier-mâché sculptures), filled with fireworks and placed over parks and street intersections all over the city, are set on fire. Quite a show!

In case you missed the festival, there is a Fallas Museum where “ninots” saved from the flames since 1034 can be seen… smoke not included!

Dolce Vita

Valencia is equally nice for spring or winter vacations, with temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees Celsius.

Euphoria and idleness

The Casa Azul Vinos and Rooms is quite eccentric! Its motto: “Only wine and friends are important in life” is really applied in a very concrete way at the reception desk, which is literally a wine boutique…

Located in the heart of the city, its roof terrace allows you to enjoy Valencia to the last drop.

Taste buds

The famous, delicious and copious paella Valencienne can be found everywhere in town; the Spanish omelet, the calamari and the honey-sweet pastries are other guilty pleasures offered in Valencia.

Speaking of food…

If you travel to Valencia in August, you have to take an excursion to Bunol, where the legendary Tomatina Festival hosts thousands of people who throw tomatoes at each other. Quite messy, but what a barrel of laughs!



Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge


Hemisferic of the City of Arts and Sciences

City of Arts and Sciences


"Umbrache"-garden of the City of Arts and Sciences

 The Fallas

Casa Azul Vinos and Rooms





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