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Sicily by helicopter: a swirl of emotions  

A rendezvous with stunning beauty! For the island in itself: its light, its colours.

Seen from the sky, Sicily is even more idyllic: the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, the bays, villages and the islands around, the well-preserved archeological sites that date back to the Grecian era B.C.

And… the still active volcanoes: Etna and the still active volcanos on the Aeolian Islands of Vulcano and Stromboli.

Fusion with nature

A helicopter tour is always exciting. Flying over volcanoes is simply exhilarating!

Depending on your interests, availability and budget, many options are available: of course volcanoes, the mythical villages of Taormina, the Ionian Coast or the eight Aeolian Islands, among which are Panarea, Lipari, Stromboli or Erice, a beautiful historic town perched at 750m above sea level.

There is adrenalin and doses of beauty for 30, 60, 90 or even 100 minutes!

Where tourists don’t go in hordes

Once back on land, we can bet you will want to feel a little bit more of the dangerous beauty of Etna, a 3,323 meter high volcano. As a matter of fact, a Land Rover will take you up 2,200 meters. If you feel adventurous, walk up to the crater with a guide for one of the most adventurous trips of your life. Picnic included.

Back to comfort and contemplation

To stay in the mood for the getting the “most,” choose a luxurious villa that was worth a mention in Architecture Digest Magazine, where fulfilling your desires is an everyday mission!

The Think Sicily portfolio offers historical or modern villas with one to 8 rooms. Which one will you choose? With a private pool. With access to the beach. With a sea view. Next to a winery. In a flower garden. In a medieval village.

Chef is included, if you wish.

The whole package is just stunning!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge








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