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A brand new look for a 40th anniversary  

At Sabi Sabi

The Sabi Sabi, in South Africa, celebrates in 2019 by offering a new look for one of its four camps, the Selati.

In fact, this private reserve has four lodges, which have all been given attention by National Geographic.

This year, the Selati, a lodge with seven suites - a favorite of honeymooners - offers a new look that combines the elegance of a vintage style with the "yesteryear" of Africa.

This "yesteryear" especially celebrates the era of the steam train in the nineteenth century, when the Selati railway line crossed the country carrying gold to and from Mozambique. So do not be surprised to find many authentic souvenirs from the railroad, combined with leather accents, steel and brass paired with soft earth tones embracing the golden light of Africa.

The omnipresent landscape

The floor-to-ceiling glass doors lead to a private and well-hidden outdoor sanctuary where a deep stone bath and shower allow you to cool off during the day or relax under a blanket of stars in complete solitude at night.

The recognized warmth of Sabi Sabi’s staff and generous hospitality further complement the romantic elegance of the lodge.

A commitment to the Earth

One of Sabi Sabi's four lodges is devoted to the Earth, the Earth Lodge. It illustrates Sabi Sabi's commitment to protecting the wilderness and the desert as a sanctuary for flora and fauna and for future generations.

It has also been by creating stable jobs for their Aboriginal communities through ecotourism and by sharing their respect and love of nature with their customers and staff that the Sabi Sabi owners have been committed to the Earth.

A commitment that we can only welcome and encourage!

Christiane Théberge





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