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The Icelandic Pledge 

Visitors to Iceland this summer are not only asked to show their passport upon arrival, but also to commit to “Responsible Travel Behavior” in the country.

The Icelandic Pledge Button at the country’s main airport, the Keflavik International Arrivals Hall, has been designed to raise awareness amongst visitors to help do their part to protect Iceland’s beautiful and untouched nature for future generations.

The Pledge button initiative, led by Inspired by Iceland, is an addition to The Icelandic Pledge initiative – the first of its kind to be introduced by a country – which has already enjoyed success with over 30,000 visitors from over 100 countries that have taken the pledge via their website. With the new addition of the button, it is hoped that Iceland’s visitors will be inspired to operate responsibly while enjoying everything the country has to offer during their stay, as well as inviting them to carry these values back to their respective nations.

The Icelandic Pledge covers six core aspects that promote responsible travel behavior: respect for nature, exploration of new places, and leaving areas as you found them, avoiding driving or parking off the road, respecting nature when taking photos, not camping outside of designated areas, and always being prepared for the varying Icelandic weather.

The Icelandic Pledge

I pledge to be a responsible tourist.
When I explore new places,
I will leave them as I found them.
I will take photos to die for,
Without dying for them.
I will follow the road into the unknown,
But never venture off the road.
And I will only park where I am supposed.
When I sleep out under the stars,
I’ll stay within a campsite.
And when nature calls,
I won’t answer the call on nature.
I will be prepared for all weathers,
All possibilities and all adventures.

Let’s hope it inspires many other countries to do the same!

Christiane Théberge