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Auckland, New Zealand

In the rainbow 

With a LGBT population of more than 100,000 people, New Zealand has developed a tourism industry that is particularly welcoming to this clientele in at least 14 of its regions. The most extensive offer is on the North Island, which is where the city of Auckland - which makes the Top 10 list in Lonely Planet’s cities for tourism in general – is located.

Auckland has multitudes of districts and streets that are welcome to gay and lesbian travelers (not exclusively). The legendary Queen Street, Ponsonby for its cuisine, K Street for nightlife, Newmarket for shopping and many others, such as Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, St. Mary’s Bay, Parnell, Newton, etc.

Take to the skies or jump down…

New Zealand is renown for its cliffs, animal life, wineries and its native Maori culture.

Air activities are rapidly being developed in the city, as well as in more natural settings. They are aimed at the bold and those who don’t suffer from vertigo, of course.

The sky is the limit

At the summit of the iconic Sky Tower, from which you can experience spectacular 360-degree views as far as the eye can see, harness up and walk the ring along the narrow platform, just a few inches from the edge.

The reckless can take a free-fall to the ground level at SkyJump, which is quite different from a traditional Bungee. Wearing a full-body harness, there is no dangling upside down. You will just take a controlled free fall to the ground.

Fly over New Zealand’s unique and stunning panoramas on a helicopter or a small plane that you can rent with a pilot for a few minutes or a few hours.

Cliffs are also ideal playgrounds for fans of colorful paragliding.

Kite surfing or fishing????

For those who are afraid of heights or prone to becoming seasick, New Zealand has wonderful kite surfing beaches from which you can also launch colorful kites or try a unique and almost surreal activity: kite fishing!

Kite fishermen stand on the beach and launch their kites with a reel that is spooled with 1,000 meters of line. When they reel back the kite, it will come back with a fish… maybe even a big one.

Skeptical? See how it works

Night in the sky

Continuing with our theme, the Barclay Suite, on Albert Street, downtown, in front of the Sky Tower offers spectacular views for a reasonable price - $100 per night.

The Barclay Suites is an apartment suite building with a hotel service, ultra modern décor where white is predominant with a few colorful touches. It offers free access to the gymnasium next door.


Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge





Kite fishing 





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