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Small gustatory miracles

In Québec-Île d’Orléans

Saint-Antoine and Sainte-Pétronille are bending over backwards to fulfill the prayers of gastronomes. Their sacred power is the creation of gourmet fare and the duplication of divine nectars, paired with joy for the best results.

A fruitful alliance

Auberge Saint-Antoine in Québec, a Relais & Châteaux signature establishment, works in collaboration with the Vignoble de Sainte-Pétronille on Île d’Orléans, 15 minutes from Québec City, to offer this summer - until October 13th - their culinary creations and wines at the Panache mobile 1: an extension of its fine cuisine restaurant Panache.

Visitors - whether cyclists, trekkers or drivers - who stop will be met with a vast choice of food and wine.

Panache mobile 1 is much more than a simple stop on a lovely day. Most people find it difficult to leave the magnificent terrace with a view of the winery and the Montmorency Falls after the treats they are offered. So full of beauty and delicacies…

Pétronille, the Saint, is known among other things for her physical beauty. The site was obviously well named after her in celebration of the exceptional beauty of nature.
New generous and affordable delicacies

Among the novelties offered this summer are apple juice from the Bilodeau farm, cold cucumber soup with coco milk and mint oil, a grilled cheese and smoked meat sandwich, creamy cabbage salad with homemade dill, poutine with short ribs of beef braised in red wine, white chocolate mousse, strawberries and coconut crumble.

Sins that ask for a second offence

The must-try dishes: a lobster hot dog with avocado purée, the pulled pork sandwich with Swiss cheese and BBQ sauce, the plate of organic cold cuts from Charlevoix, the vegetable couscous, orange, almond and marinated shrimp with salsa verde and the brownies à la Panache.

Drinks to make it all sublime

In Sainte-Pétronille, men and women work the winery, guided by the expert owners, Nathalie Lane and Louis Denault. Mostly white and a few red wines end up in the 40,000 bottles produced every year. Twelve grape varieties, among which is the Vandal-Cliché, which is 100% Québécois, are used to create nectars with lovely names: Voile de la mariée, Bout de l’île, Sainte-Pétronille réserve, Insula, etc.

Before and after the island:high class

In Québec City, one must give in to the protective soul of Saint-Antoine in his Auberge. Not only is he attentive to the smallest wishes of his guests during their sleep and at the gastronomic table, but he also protects and showcases hundreds of artifacts that are part of Québec history uncovered during the archeological diggings at the site. That being said, Saint Antoine is a man of the times and the Auberge successfully blends the modern and the antique, both in its décor and the services.

Creativity and generosity

A good dose of these virtues are required to offer guests an almost out of this world experience. Louis Pacquelin, Panache’s young new Chef, certainly has it.

Yours to review: Panache kir made of Chambord, maple syrup and cherry, a fiddlehead entrée with crayfish, smoked eel with wild garlic, another entrée of urchins with pureed cress/quail egg, crusty lotte in a baklava crust with almond milk and Labrador tea, and for desert, a lighter Québec version of Paris-Brest, the Québec-Brest featuring blueberries.

As perfect accompaniments: Chablis, 1. Cru, Homme Mort, Châteaux Maligny, réserve 2007, Loin de l’oeil, Gaillac Doux, RB Plageoles, réserve 2010, Fleurs d’érable, Domaine de Sablonnettes, Côteau du Lion, France, Grains d’Or, Cadillac, Château Mémoires, 2009.
Depending on the time of your stay at Auberge Saint-Antoine, you may even be able to enjoy an evening of jazz, a fashion show or a special event held in cooperation with Birks Jewelry.

A night in heaven

Paying attention to details makes all the difference: the heated floor in the large bathroom with a huge bath and a view of the old copper roofs of the neighborhood, the two sinks, the phone, the elegant floss dispenser, the real leather baskets, the small door hiding the ironing board, the private terrace with a view of the St-Lawrence River or the iconic Château. Of course, the large room with the last word in bedding and electronic accessories and the fridge full of treats for all tastes should be added to the list.

The night table is well-thought out: it contains an art and history book: “Les Anglos: la face cachée du Québec”. This book reminds us of the Price family whose presence in Québec is historical and who now own this very chic Auberge. The title of the book also hints to a movie and theater play: “La face cachée de la lune” from the internationally known Quebec playwright, Robert Lepage, whose workshop is next door to Auberge Saint-Antoine.

A gargantuan breakfast

Do you still have room for breakfast the morning after you enjoy dinner at the Auberge? You will be seduced by the selection and the fullness of the delights offered. A good choice for those who want a hearty meal: pineapple smoothie, eggs Benedict with duck, wild mushrooms and homemade veal sausage.

Surrounded by orchids and accompanied by Yves Montand songs, it is a perfect moment to end a stay in this 5-star establishment.

Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge

Visit made at the invitation of Auberge Saint Antoine.



Vignoble de Sainte-Pétronille

Ile d'Orléans

Tapenade and pine nuts



Old Québec' roofs

Gargantuan breakfast







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