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Long-term biking in Patagonia

Patience, confidence, endurance 

The number one piece of advice from Patagonia-Biking experts is clear: “Patience is the most important element to bring with you.” Easy? It all depends on who we are talking about…

Before rushing into the cross-country trips that are suggested, it is clear that confidence and real endurance, both physical and psychological, are also needed.

Learning the hard way, maybe, but what an adventure!

Fewer people and more scenery

Patagonia, the mountainous region that includes the south of Chile and Argentina, divided by the Andes, is home to only approximately 4 residents per square km…

Natural resources and scenery are much richer: mountains, coastlines, archipelagos, islands, sub-polar forests, glaciers, Pampas, lakes, desert, lagoons, etc.

Depending on the route and duration chosen, all of the above should be part of the adventure. More specifically

  • Bariloche and the Andes
  • From the Pacific to the Atlantic
  • From Bariloche to Ushuaia
  • South of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

The reward

Starting November 2015 to February 2016 – why not start your fitness program now?– Patagonia-Biking will offer many long-term circuits: 11 to 27 days to ride between 675 and 2,700 km, pedaling four to six hours a day over 8 to 21 days, cycling 80 to 100 km per day, traveling from 17 to 22 km per hour. The number of days remaining is spent walking or resting.

Two thirds of the circuits are on dirt roads, others are paved.

Equipment, security and rest

The team firmly advises you bring your own mountain bike – you are accustomed to it. Of course, rental is also offered on site.

Don’t worry! A pursuit vehicle will follow you at all times.

Camping is the plan that is preferred, and large tents are supplied. Nonetheless, if you are looking for more privacy – sleeping alone or with a loved one or a friend – bring your own tent.

The Patagonia-Biking Web site is not lacking in suggestions and advice about all you need for the adventure, for the bike, or yourself, as far as clothing and essentials go.

Raving lunatics on hand

You have to be crazy about biking for sure! And about adventure travel as well! Mariano Lorefice, a long track triathlete, has already biked a round-the-world tour twice, which brought him through 56 countries.

Diego Gerardo Martinez is another bike enthusiast with a diploma in tourism obtained 15 years ago. With a first-aid certificate as well, he speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Experience, dynamism and a positive attitude on two wheels will guide you safely at all times!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge





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