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Real adventure in bed

It is in all senses of the word “adventure”! EUPHORIA invites you to imagine a few nights at amazing sites, celebrating trees, history, animals and more through fearlessness and imagination.

Floating transparency

What is this, exactly? A giant flying ray? A colored UFO floating over the sand, the snow, the river? A tent? A hammock? The latter two – in one? Yes, the Tree Tent is the perfect marriage between the tent and the hammock. Carefully tied around trees so as not to hurt them, they leave no ecological imprint while allowing the best view of the environment. This superb creation is available online: www.tentsile.com.

In Victoria's arms

We are not talking about Victoria’s Secret, the sexy ladies’ lingerie boutique. We are referring to the refined Victorian elegance of the Cliffside Inn Bed & Breakfast, in Newport, Rhode Island. Housed in a stately mansion built in 1876, its rooms, particularly “The Loft”, offer the comfort of a large bed sculpted out of precious woods and dressed with exclusive fine beddings. A whirlpool bath, a fireplace, a garden full of flowerbeds and a veranda complete the picture. A manor that well earns its title of “New England’s Most Romantic Inn”.

"Concrete art"  

Some would like to become one with art. Here is a good opportunity: one can sleep in a concrete pipe whose walls are used as murals by the artist, Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Inspired by hotels built in caves, the architects have chosen a more industrial version in the middle of trees. After putting in a digital code to get in the pipe, one can lie down in bed to contemplate the works of art. Another advantage: the nights are cool from May to October and one can enjoy the breeze coming in from small holes cut in the pipes. It is called Das Park Hotel, in Essen country, Germany, or in the Ottensheim region in Austria.

Unusual wake-up call

You might expect a rising sun or tweeting birds. Not even close! In any event, you’d better be warned in advance or else you might fall out of bed. In a sublime historical manor in Nairobi, Kenya, Rothschild giraffes are the ones that make the wake-up calls. Curious and friendly, they peer through your room’s window to say the first hello of the day. And if you let them, they will even happily join you for breakfast or in the garden of the Giraffe Manor.

Room with a view  

In Italy, in the last few years, many villages bank on transforming former troglodytic houses into modern apartments and boutique hotels. This is the case in Prata Sannita, at the Million Donkey Hotel, named as such probably because donkeys were numerous in the area with their owners at the time. The architects of Feld 72 have decided to push the exploration further to increase the experiences of the guests by putting a bed outside of the room for an increased union with the surrounding landscape.

Research and french original: Sylvie Berthiaume


Translation: Christiane Théberge

March 2016 



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