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On a schooner through the Dodecanese 

Architecture, archeologie, history, nature and cuisine

A year ago, our guest of the month, Peter Sommer, an archeologist who has directed many historical documentaries for the BBC and walked more than 3,000 km through Turkey – an odyssey that earned him the “Explorers Club of America Young Expeditionners’ Award” - shared with us his desire to travel back to Greece for a cruise on a schooner, with added treks through magnificent landscapes and tasting local cuisines.

The project has since taken shape and Peter is busy putting together a small group who will accompany him on this 2-week adventure.

Two options: from June 4 to 18 or September 24 to October 8, 2016

Sailing on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea through the islands of the Dodecanese – Rhodes, Samos, Kos and others – enjoying refined cuisine and legendary sites with archeologist, writer and historian guides: it’s quite an incredible offer!

The spectacular gulet will set sail from the island of Kos to explore the entire Dodecanese archipelago, including eleven of the most beautiful and inspiring Greek islands and no less than three Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Loaded with history

The islands’ strategic location, between the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor, has made them a well-connected cultural interface throughout history. Carians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, the Crusader Knights of St. John, Ottomans and Italians visited or settled there, leaving behind a rich legacy of grandiose ancient sanctuaries, mighty castles, serene monasteries, traditional villages, and gastronomy.

On the program

The itinerary includes world-famous relics, like the Asklepieion of Kos, the extraordinary archaeological museum of Samos, and the medieval fortifications of Rhodes.

You will also explore some off-the-beaten-track islands to gain a more intimate view of traditional Greek island life, with their picturesque harbors, village squares adorned with pebble mosaics, and beautiful domestic architecture. These islands are also rich in diverse landscapes: hilltops, volcanic formations, and of course coastlines cut into a succession of bays and islets.

Another highlight of the cruise is the series of meals you will enjoy at selected venues throughout the islands, ranging from home cooked local cuisine in family-run tavernas to real gourmet food, the finest the region has to offer.

Take action quickly!

With such a fascinating offer, it is very likely that both groups will rapidly fill up.

For details and reservations: www.petersommer.com.

Research and writing: Christiane Théberge


Kos harbor



Nysiros crater

Kos castle





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