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This is a word that has frequently been in news headlines in recent months.

We were all shocked by the horrific experiences of passengers expelled from their booked flights, while others have been refused boarding altogether.


The European Union and the United States have regulations that protect airline passengers from such abuses by making a clear ruling on the compensation to which they are entitled in the event of canceled flight, delay or denied boarding.

In Canada

There is no such thing in Canada, where compensation is left to the discretion of the airlines, which often refuse to do anything or try to keep compensation to a minimum.

However, the Government of Canada has just introduced a bill to strengthen the rights of air passengers in the country. This draft provides a specific list of items for which airlines will be held liable and states that they must give fair compensation to consumers.

But, it will be necessary to wait for the outcome of the consultation process in order to know the details, including what exactly will be covered and what will have to be offered to consumers when problematic situations arise (including financial compensation to be paid under certain circumstances) for the following events:

  • Refusal of boarding (including overbooking)
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • Lost or Damaged Luggage
  • Guarantee of neighboring seats at no extra charge for parents / guardians and their children.

"The bill is a good first step and will finally allow Canada to catch up with Europe and the United States in terms of air passenger rights," said Jeff Walker, Public affairs of the CAA. "The details, however, are important: will an injured consumer get a compensation of $500 or a simple cup of coffee? The CAA will closely monitor the progress of this file to ensure that consumer interest is paramount in the decisions made. "

Help in the meantime! 

Getting fair compensation is no small matter and requires time and patience.

A new company has set itself the task of helping impaired travelers obtain such compensation.

Volenretard.ca helps travelers who have been delayed or whose flights have been canceled get fair, quick and safe compensation by taking care of the sometimes lengthy and thorny steps that accompany this procedure.

The company has received more than 200 service requests and initiated the complaint process for more than 400 passengers in the three months since its inception.

Defending one’s rights is important, even when it is not easy to do so in the face of multinationals. So a little help could be very welcome!

Of course, the service is not free. But in the case of an issue, you will have nothing to pay.

Christiane Théberge