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Discovering the Phoenix - 20 minutes from Montréal

No, this is not the legendary bird with the deep purple robe known for its power to be reborn after setting itself on fire!

Instead, we are talking about part of the production of the Rivière du Chêne vineyard, which features the name of this mythical bird. It is not that far, in fact, from the bird, since the vineyard was also destroyed by flames and had to rise from the ashes.

Passion, ambition and optimism

The 16 hectares of the vineyard, with its 75,000 grapevines, produce nearly 12,000 cases of red, white and rosé wines. A reasoned culture, raised with passion, tells us about the owner, Daniel Lalande, who has just expanded his vineyard with hectares that will grow Pinot Noir as a grape variety.

Daniel Lalande is a passionate winemaker of the first generation in Québec, convinced that within a decade the vineyards of the province will compete with those of the valleys of Sonoma in California and Okanagan in British Columbia. What we tasted at the Vineyard Rivière du Chêne bodes well for this prediction.


As wine is intended to be shared, the vineyard offers discovery tours coupled with tastings.

The 20-minute visit or the 70-minute “Passion and Tasting Tour” are followed by tastings. Both allow you to learn a little and even a lot, if you are curious, about the terroir, the grape varieties, the techniques and methods of winemaking used for a "reasoned" agriculture like that practiced by the vineyard.

We know about organic farming, but what is reasoned agriculture? As the owner says, it is a sustainable way of farming that respects the environment and health. It therefore tends to approach organic farming without adopting all of the constraints and therefore without being able to claim its acronym or name.

The vineyard produces red and white wines named “William” and “Phoenix”, a very good rosé, Le Gabrielle, a sparkling wine, an ice wine, and late harvests. A white wine flavored with maple syrup, Adélard, is also produced in the vineyard. Not being a fan of sweet wines, I was rather skeptical at the tasting. But Adélard has seduced me; it is amazing and beautiful with cheeses.

Many of these wines can be found in Société des alcools du Québec outlets.

Foodies and Tapas  

On Thursday evenings, the vineyard organizes an evening of small bites and a choice of wines. As long as the weather is nice, the aperitif can be enjoyed outdoors on the terrace before sitting down in the large dining room that offers a breathtaking view of the vineyard.

On the menu: smoked trout arancina with dill saffron emulsion, mini chicken taco, mussels, mini burger with onion confit, tartar, local cheeses and to top it off a table literally covered with sweet bites: petits fours, donuts, cotton candy, tarts, etc.

The food is excellent, the service impeccable and the wine selection is always perfect.

And why not a picnic?  

It is easy to improvise one with the vineyard’s gourmand bag! This is a bag that contains terrines of wild meat (bison, deer and caribou), a jar of wine jelly and crackers to accompany everything.

Add a bottle of white or red Phoenix, the Gabrielle rosé, or the sparkling Le Monde des Bulles, and it will be a joyful feast!

Exchanging or renewing vows

The Vineyard Rivière du Chêne offers an exceptional setting for a perfect wedding day. A coordinator will assist you with the preparation with a list of reliable and professional suppliers. The vineyard offers two gourmet menus and gluten-free and vegetarian menus are also available.

From the dining room, your guests will enjoy a breathtaking view of the vineyard, and your photos will be amazing.


Christiane Théberge 



Daniel Lalande in his vineyard

Busy at the vineyard

From the terrace

Tartar of the day

A view on the dessert table





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