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On the "eighth continent": Madagascar

We all know about Madagascar, thanks to the animated film of the same name in which we discovered the lemurs enjoying themselves to their heart's content in the middle of the baobab forests. Who has not dreamed of going there one day?

The eighth continent 

In the Indian Ocean, south of the equator, Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world. It is sometimes called "the eighth continent", because of the richness of its biodiversity, one of the richest on the planet.

The originality of Madagascar, whose emblem is the traveler's tree (ravinala), and not the famous baobab, as one might believe, is due to its contrasts between the bush of the great South, the humid forests of the east, the central highlands, sometimes surmounted by volcanic peaks, and the savannahs of the western hills, which favor various climates.In

In Nosy Be

The eastern coast is lined with lagoons sheltered by a coral reef. The northwest coast (on the Mozambique Channel) has many islands including Nosy Mitsio and Nosy Be.

With 345 days of sunshine a year, it is on this last island, often called the perfume island, where a small friendly establishment nestles. Here, you will almost have your feet in the water, while enjoying comforts and a high level of service ... including wifi and air conditioning.

Au Sable Blanc

Au Sable Blanc, luxury lies in its surrounding environment: the beautiful pristine beach of Madirokely is directly accessible from the terrace of your apartment. Unforgettable sunsets that you can observe at cocktail hour, while savoring a mellow red, pink or white Malagasy wine, hearty and fresh breakfasts served in your room, and friendly staff always attentive to your requests.

In addition, you will be close to Ambatoloaka with its village life, its nightlife and restaurants, where you will have to taste the romazava (stew of pork or zebu) or ravitoto, consisting of pork simmered with crushed cassava leaves and a touch of coconut pulp.

And more to discover 

All around, dive with turtles at Nosy Sakatia, or let yourself be captivated by the sensual and exotic fragrance that emanate from the Ylang Ylang trees, whose flowers provide an essential oil known for its toning properties. You can try to approach the lemurs In Nosy Komba, visit the Lokobe Reserve, and never get tired of admiring the Nosy Tanikely lagoon. Also, meet the Ficus Religiosa, the sacred tree, a giant banian tree that is over two centuries old. In short, get your fill of moments and memories.

More active than contemplative 

Big game fishing, catamaran sailing, pirogue cruise, shark safari, whale watching, quad biking, motorcycling or walking, diving are just some of the activities offered to the most active people that Sable Blanc staff will be happy to organize.

And to remember the beautiful moments, why not bring back a game of solitaire made out of rosewood, whose beads are made of semi-precious stones found in Madagascar: beryl, amethyst or aquamarine. They are easy to find at the market and they are beautiful and easy to pack in a suitcase!

Christiane Théberge


Traveler's tree 

Au Sable Blanc





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