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Seen from above

After surveying 8,400 people around the world in October 2016, Hotels.com found that one-third of globetrotters dream of sleeping in trees.

Thanks to Hotels.com's “Loved by Guests” Awards and millions of guest reviews, nine amazing hotels have been crowned winners in the new “Best for Treehouse” category.

So if you dream of sleeping in style in the sky or at the treetops, here are the winners.

Keemala - Thailand

Would you like to take a dip on the edge of a cliff in your own 30-meter infinity pool? You can do it in the splendid Bird's Nest tree houses on stilts, just 40 minutes from Phuket. Keemala is an enchanting and evergreen wonderland, and these unique villas feature giant monsoon showers and freestanding soaking tubs with fantastic views of the rainforest.

Hotel in the peaks - Sweden

Instead of opening a hotel door, how about climbing up to it? The Tree Hotel has raised the standard of style with its original eco-cabins in custom-designed trees. The cabins have giant hammocks so you can observe the stars and chase the northern lights. Relaxing in the sauna on the tree, sampling authentic Swedish homemade dishes or passing over Swedish Lapland and the Tyrolean Lule River are also part of the offer.

Azulik - Mayan Eco-Hotel and Spa for Adults, Tulum - Mexico

Find your inner child and swing over the turquoise sea of Tulum, in the privacy of your own villa located on a luxurious and secluded beach. These wooden houses offer spectacular views of the sea, mosaic outdoor baths, a terrace with a swing and a Balinese suspended bed.

Four Seasons Resort - Costa Rica

This oasis on a hill overlooks the golden beaches of the Papagayo Peninsula. This truly luxurious hotel is 320 feet above sea level and, while not really a tree-house, its stunning suites are nestled in the breathtaking canopy. In 5-star suites you are entitled to your private pool where you can sip cocktails and enjoy the sun. The hotel also runs a volunteer program, allowing travelers to support local schools or help protect the environment.

Tsala Treetop Lodge, Plettenberg Bay - South Africa

High up in the peaks, this hidden hotel is located in the wilds of South Africa, in the heart of the Garden Route. With their breathtaking views and mystical charm, the suites in the peaks are pure luxury. They each have a bathroom / spa, fireplaces and even an infinity pool. The hotel also offers a unique dining experience on a special terrace suspended over the jungle.

Japamala Resort, Tioman Island - Malaysia

Nestled on the lowland forest of Tioman Island, this hotel is only accessible by boat. The trails that connect the beautiful cottages perched in the trees offer breathtaking views of the South China Sea. Chic and rustic, Japamala is designed for guests who love living close to nature without giving up a luxurious lifestyle.

Aqua Wellness Resort - Nicaragua

It's in a rich tropical environment, the Emerald Coast in Nicaragua, where your footsteps will be punctuated by the sound of waves crashing on the beach and tropical birds. Each arboreal villa offers a natural pool, an outdoor Balinese shower and a private sun deck perfect for sunbathing in the Pacific Ocean each evening.

Silky Oaks Lodge Mossman - Australia

Imagine a revitalizing spa experience in one of the world's oldest rainforests. Along the Mossman River in the heart of the Daintree Forest, near the Great Barrier Reef, the hotel offers jungle treks, crystal clear pools and billabong beaches. The luxurious villas perched in the branches offer large balconies and hammocks perfect for relaxing in the heart of the canopy.

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa - Australia

From these rooms, reminiscent of arboreal huts, you are one with nature and experience the essence of the immemorial Daintree River Forest in North Queensland. The luxurious villas have whirlpools in the treetops.

A lot to dream about!

Given that there is a price to pay for originality, one cannot expect to spend a night for less than CAD $223 (in Nicaragua); the most expensive being the Hotel in the peaks in Sweden at almost $700 per night.

But for lack of a budget, we can always dream… and for those who can afford such nights, enjoy it fully!

All of these extraordinary properties are available on the mobile Hotels.com app.

Source: Hotels.com

Keemala, Thailand

The Tree Hotel, Sweden

Azulik, Mexico

Aqua Wellness Resort - Nicaragua

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, Australia






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