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A castle in the heart of a historic district

In Québec City

Founded in the early 17th century, Quebec City is the only city in North America to have preserved its ramparts, with many bastions, gates and defensive works still surrounding Old Quebec.

This is one of the criteria that made UNESCO add the Historic District of Old Quebec to its World Heritage List in 1985.

This urban territory is made up of two sectors:

The Upper Town, located at the top of the cliff on the Cap Diamant promontory, has churches, convents and other monuments such as the Dauphine Redoute, the Citadel and the Château Frontenac.

The Lower Town, developed around Place-Royale with its Petit Champlain neighborhood, has streets lined with old stone houses and port facilities. All of this forms an urban ensemble that is one of the best examples of a fortified colonial city, notes UNESCO.

In the heart of the district: the Château 

Château Frontenac, the place that has ruled Quebec City for more than 125 years and is undoubtedly the most important symbol of Quebec City.

A celebration  

Château Frontenac has done well, receiving over $80M in renovations. They were perfectly justified in celebration of its 125th anniversary!

All public spaces have undergone a facelift. Visitors will have to see the ballroom and other lounges decked out in their new colors. Never fear, however; if you are a regular, it is still recognizable. The renovation works were done with subtlety and in good taste. It has been updated without losing its historical character.

There is a room for celebration and the venerable institution has developed a tantalizing calendar of activities. Throughout the year, exhibitions, concerts, opera, culinary events and more will be held there.

You can be part of it 

All Quebeckers have stories to tell about Château Frontenac. They have spent their wedding night there, or a big birthday. They celebrated the year with friends, participated in a conference or in the numerous activities organized by the Château. They may have even experienced a historic moment or met an international celebrity like Churchill, Roosevelt, De Gaulle, Hitchcock, Queen Elizabeth, Trudeau - father and son – and even Celine Dion, since they have all stayed there.

The event that launches the celebrations is being held this spring. As a part of the event, the public is asked to share memories of the Château – even memories by those who inadvertently put something in their suitcases over the years (don’t worry, amnesty is guaranteed). If you have a memory or souvenir from the Château, feel free to participate. You will have until October 8th to do so.

In November, the "Souvenirs du Château" exhibition will showcase the many souvenirs, and items collected by patrons and employees.

Throughout the year 

In the meantime, we're celebrating spring with a Spring Celebration, Chocolate Festival, Sugar Shack and Bubble and Flower Workshops, among other things.

In August, the Rendez-vous des Grands Chefs will bring together 11 chefs from aboriginal nations, paired with as many Chefs from Québec, in an exploration of the roots of Quebec’s regional cuisines.

And on December 18th, the year of celebration culminates with a grand 125th anniversary party in the magnificent Ballroom at the Castle. Write this date on your calendar!

To view the calendar of events.

And why not go?

You should also visit, if not to spend the night, then at least for its unbeatable Sunday morning brunch in the glass room overlooking the Dufferin terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the river and the city’s south shore. It will be a beautiful and delicious moment that is meant to be shared.

Christiane Théberge

We would like to thank Château Frontenac for its warm hospitality.


Salon Verchères

Dufferin restaurant







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