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A Star of the Gaspé at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Dressed up in many different ways

Fairmont’s The Queen Elizabeth Chef's Brigade, Culinary Director and Chef of the Roselys Restaurant, the Artisan Market Leader, and the Executive Chef of the pastry shop, all inspired by the exceptional local Gaspé lobster, concocted dishes for us that were full of imagination.

Mango ravioli and verbena lobster with creamy chocolate bisque, lobster potatoes with thermidor sauce, lobster medallion with coconut milk and curry with coral tile and lobster poached with citrus with jelly and espuma followed the starters of pizza and mini pitas stuffed with lobster.

We were invited to this delightful evening by the group of professional lobster fishermen of the southern Gaspésie, a non-profit organization that represents the interests of its fishermen.

A unique and sustainable seafood product

Since 2012, 100% of lobsters in the Gaspé Peninsula have been tagged to indicate their provenance, with a blue and white medallion attached to an elastic band on their lobster claw. This allows consumers to trace the exact origin of the crustacean and, as a result, consumers are assured that they are buying a superior quality product from the Gaspésie that was caught in a way that was fully respectful of the environment.

The Gaspé fishermen were the first, and the only in Eastern Canada, to trace 100% of their catch on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec along the coastline of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The lobster fishing in this area has been certified sustainable and is well managed under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) International Scientific Certification Program.

Its traceability, certifications and recommendations make the Gaspesian lobster a unique product that everyone will enjoy tasting!

Meet your fisherman

In addition, simply enter the number listed on the lobster’s medallion on the association's website, www.monhomard.ca, and you can watch a video that shows "your fisherman" in action, as well as learn more about him, his fishing method, his boat, etc. Ours was numbered CA900253. Go ahead and search and you will find him!

If you buy a cooked lobster, do not forget to ask for the medallions from the merchants, if they are not already on the claws, in order to find "your fisherman".

And above all, enjoy! This fishing season is short-lived.

The other stars at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

This iconic Montreal hotel underwent a transformation some time ago and, in addition to its 950 boldly renovated rooms and suites, offers a new restaurant that showcases local, seasonal produce and a unique urban market in downtown Montreal that brings together local producers and artisans. I challenge you to go and come out empty-handed!

These new spaces also house an impressive collection of 123 works by 37 renowned artists from Quebec and Canadian contemporary art, including Michel de Broin, Patrick Coutu, Nicolas Grenier and Geneviève Cadieux.

The Art Collection is also an integral part of the transformation of the legendary hotel. There is also the 1742 suite that hosted John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s famous bed-in.

Sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings in a multitude of disciplines are included in this collection, which will surprise both amateurs and experts alike, and position the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel as a pioneer in the hotel community for exhibits and Canadian artistic conservation.

This is a hotel where one must definitely go for pleasures of the eyes as well as that of the taste buds!


Christiane Théberge

Sculpture signed Jamee Carl

 "Revolution" a sculpture by Michel De Broin 





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