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From the Iciness of Winter to the Tropics in Just a Few Minutes


All wrapped up in our winter clothes, we race along some of the 35-long sledding hills, with snow that was definitely not sparse this winter.

The youngest enjoy tunnels and mini-sledding hills until we are ready to help them lace up their skates for a few runs on the skating trail.

The speed of the descent on the sleds is intoxicating, but the cold is still nonetheless biting! It's hardly surprising that after a few hours, everyone agrees to trade the winter in for the tropics.

Ah, yes! Because the Village Vacances Valcartier, 30 kilometers from Quebec City, offers the best of both worlds: both a cold and tropical climate.

Its famous Ice Hotel 

But before leaving behind our winter clothes and putting on swimsuits, we cannot miss a detour to the Ice Hotel. It is spectacular in more than one way! A hotel carved in the ice that must of course be re-built each winter with a theme that is reflected in the giant and incredible sculptures decorating the walls and ceilings of the corridors and rooms.

The children wonder how it is possible to sleep without freezing in the rooms and they are very impressed. So do we, for that matter, but it really is magical!

It is of course possible to sleep there with a reservation made well in advance and a well-stocked wallet, and many couples choose to exchange their vows in the magnificent ice chapel.

But you can also visit the hotel - tours are offered every day - and even enjoy a cocktail served in a glass of ice, which we enjoyed doing.

After this immersion in ice, we are finally ready for the tropics.

The Bora Park

Say hello to flip flops and palm trees that are waiting for you in the gigantic Bora Park and serve as a backdrop for the huge water slides, a wave pool, all kinds of water games and the adventure river.

We even allowed ourselves to be seduced by the surfing wave, without much success, I must admit, and finally end up admiring it from the top of the restaurant-terrace, while sipping a drink in the colors of the tropics, watching those who manage to tame its traitorous wave.

Packages for the family 

It's a little late for the School Break Promo offered this winter, but you still have time to get unlimited passes for 3 days, a day or an evening. The Park is open until the end of March. And why not plan ahead for the school break next year?


It is may be too late to sleep at the Ice Hotel this year, but the Hotel Valcartier, a 4 star hotel offering family rooms, suites and dormitories, would be happy to welcome you at reasonable prices.

Indeed, it is a unique and wonderful family destination!

Christiane Théberge






Bora Park

A corridor at the Ice Hotel 





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