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Cultural adventures in Japan  

13 days in a small group 

Odysseys Unlimited invites travelers to a 13-day cultural adventure in Japan that includes visiting the dynamic Tokyo, Kyoto, the cultural capital, and takes visitors off the beaten track to the charming historic towns of Takayama, Kanazawa and Nara, the walled city that will transport you to the 8th century; not to mention, Mount Fuji and Fuki-Hakone-Izu National Park.

One does more than look

The small group begins their cultural adventure with a visit to the gallery of the well-known calligrapher, Koshun Masunaga, to learn more about ancient art and take a lesson from the artist herself. Travelers will also visit the Hakukokan Gold Leaf Center, where they will learn how to apply gold leaf, and Unrakugama Pottery, a family-owned pottery house where they can venture onto a potter's wheel.

The cultural journey continues with several opportunities to take off one’s shoes and attend a sacred Japanese tea ceremony, visit Buddhist temples and stay in a traditional inn, known as ryokan. At the hostel, guests learn to wear a kimono and participate in a multi-course Japanese feast called kaiseki, a culinary tradition that embodies "omotenashi", which is flawless hospitality.

In Takayama, a culinary adventure begins with a morning market visit to the banks of the Miyagawa River, to choose your own fresh ingredients, followed by a practical class to work on the art of Japanese cuisine.

What a beautiful way to approach this land, which is so rich and where traditions and modernity seem to coexist so well! Participating in local life and sharing a tangle of sights, sounds and tastes will allow you to take a closer and deeper look at this fascinating culture.

Odysseys Unlimited, the six-time winner of the Travel + Leisure Award for Best Tour Operator in the World, is the leader in affordable, quality small-group travel. The number of participants is limited to 12-24. These 13 days are offered starting at $5,757 US, total price from Los Angeles, San Francisco or another US airport mentioned on the site. Of course, you have to reach one of these airports, and a solo traveler must unfortunately add $1,295US.

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