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Happy Birthday Ludwig!

A 250th anniversary is worth celebrating! And it's not just any anniversary!

In 2020, it will be the birthday of Ludwig Van Beethoven that Vienna will celebrate, a city where he chose to live and create.

Vienna 2020, Capital of Music

Vienna will not spare any expense in recalling the influence of this genius, and his impact is still palpable in the city today. For 35 years, Vienna was the scene of Beethoven's life, work and inspiration.

When he died on March 29, 1827 at the age of 57, he was buried as a true star. 20,000 people attended the funeral, which was 1 in 10 Viennese at the time. Buried in the Währing cemetery, he was later moved to the Vienna Central Cemetery.

Beethoven's Trail 

During the years he lived in Vienna, Beethoven occupied many apartments that were often offered to him by friends or institutions. This trail is built around these places of both his life and creations.

• Pasqualati House belonged to a friend of Beethoven's, where he often resided. He composed, among other pieces, the famous piano piece “Für Elise” that he dedicated to a certain Therese (Malfatti). It’s a must-see!

• Another Beethoven apartment, right next to the Beethoven Museum, is the Mayer am Pfarrplatz, today an authentic Heuriger where you can taste Vienna’s wine.

• The Beethoven Museum is also one of his former residences. Discover the composer throughout 14 rooms, where in particular it’s possible to see the hearing aids used by Beethoven and a “blowwer that was placed on his piano to amplify the sound.

• The Theater an der Wien, where he also lived and where many of his works were performed for the first time.

• A restaurant bearing his name has opened in another of his apartments, at 22 Laimgrubengasse. Viennese cuisine is reinterpreted here.

• The Austrian Academy of Sciences, where his 7th Symphony was performed for the first time in 1813.

Beethoven events

Concerts, operas and exhibitions enrich the program of Vienna 2020 and the most beautiful places of Vienna are in celebratory mode throughout the year.

The interpretation of the 9th Symphony by The Wiener Symphoniker at Wiever Knozert Haus at the beginning and end of the year should be memorable, as well as the presentation of Fidelio, his only and famous opera, which will be on the program of the National Opera of Vienna several times.

A symphony for the eyes

Just like music, beauty envelops visitors in Vienna. You should never miss a walking tour in the 1st district: the Ringstrasse, the most famous street in the city. One of the most beautiful boulevards in the world, it forms a ring around the historic center, and houses not only marvels of architecture, but also large parks and monuments: The National Opera, the Imperial Palace, the Museum of Natural History, the Parliament, the Hofburg or Winter Residence, the University, the Town Hall and its memorials. As long as the sun gets involved, it's a real golden symphony all around.

An adagio for the taste buds

Vienna will offer Gulash, Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz and Kaiserschmarren everywhere in the dining room, on the terrace, on the roof, in a bistro, in an old inn, under historic vaulted cellars or amongst sumptuous décor; all of these specialties of this city are available to rediscover.

And in the pedestrian streets around the cathedral, which are full of treasures, do not miss out on the fun and celebrate Viennese coffee with a stop at the famous pastry shop Demel, where two centuries of tradition will guarantee the best Sacher Torte in town!

There is really everything to celebrate in Vienna in 2020 and to help everyone understand why Beethoven and musicians throughout the world are drawn to the city, and for some, never leave it. Be there!


Christiane Théberge

The Beethoven Museum

The Mayer am Pfarrplatz

The Vienna National Opera 








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