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Curacao, a Caribbean curiosity

The blue color of a Curacao drink can be surprising at first!

Wow, just imagine rows of Dutch-style buildings on a Caribbean island painted in candy colors under a pure blue sky… and if you listen carefully, you will hear Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Papiamentu, the local form of Creole…

A contrasted landscape, a colonial history, a very attractive mixed-race population: all of this constitutes the island of Curacao, one of the three Dutch islands known as the “ABCs”: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Comfortable weather, almost permanent sunshine, striking tidiness, ever-present smiles, a European ambiance, lightheartedness (you might sometimes find yourself smiling and even laughing for no reason at all!) and refined cuisine influenced by every country on the planet. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Willemstad, a postcard

The small harbor of Willemstad and the well-preserved historic centre of this capital, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997, as well as its neighborhoods with shops, restaurants and art galleries, such as Punda, Salina and Otrabanda are all must-sees on the island.

Transparent and colourful waters

Here, diving is another must in order to discover the coral reefs and the tropical fish. Of course, you can also choose to dive in a semi submarine Atlantis, or rent a sailboat with a skipper and crew for a marvelous and easy day!

Seventeen public beaches with different textures and configurations will meet everyone’s tastes, notwithstanding the private beaches of each hotel and resort.

Place your bets!

Many independent casinos operate in town as well as at the resorts. Golfing is also popular at many great and well-designed clubs. No one remains indifferent to the Hato Caves with their stalagmites and stalactites, their romantic basins, the Madonna statue and their very active bat colony.

The Carnival here must be the longest in the world, starting in January and lasting until the first days of March. It has an extensive schedule of parades, dances and beauty contests for both men and women.

Those in search of peace might decide to have a drink or to swim in the pool at the Christoffel Sunset Lounge on the west end of the island, where a panoramic view promises the most stunning sunsets.

Where to stay

All types of lodging are available in Curacao. Why not go for the best at the Kula Hulanda Beach Club and/or at its Spa & Casino? It is possible to stay at both resorts during your one- week stay or alternate one week at each over a two-week stay.

Whether in a room or a villa, the experience promises to be memorable. Poster beds, bathrooms with Indian marble, three restaurants with one offering a complete taste of Asia, with Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, two swimming pools, one in the style of a cave with a pond.

All of this blends very well with the Dutch architecture in a Caribbean ambiance.

Those who are curious will want to come back to the all-around surprising and satisfying Curacao.

Take our word for it!


Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge 





Kula Hulanda Beach Club

Kula Hulanda Beach Club





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