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An unknown Asian jewel: Myanmar

This country makes international headlines once in a while, and the recent movie “The Lady” is a true homage to its famous politician, the Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

But we know little of the attractions offered to travelers in Myanmar (or Burma).

Enclosed between China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh, Myanmar promises many beautiful surprises for the eyes, the soul and the palate in its natural, spiritual and built environment.

Golden adventures

Club Aventure offers a 20-day trip to the country of the Golden Rock – also known as the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda - the Pindaya Caves housing 8,000 Buddha and the U Bein Bridge. We’ll add to those icons with the old neighborhood of Yangon, the floating gardens, the markets and the cigar manufacturers in the surroundings of Inle Lake, Mandalay, other caves in Monyuya as well as the city of Sagaing.

Taking it easy

A few transfers by boat are included in the trip, allowing visitors to admire panoramas from a different perspective while traveling between destinations. For example, a cruise on Inle Lake, another one to visit the antique city of Mingun, a third one on the Ayeyarwady River toward Bagan, and even an excursion by boat to Ngapali Beach.

Hop on and get active!

In order to keep in shape, the itinerary is punctuated with some sportier excursions, although they are easy, such as a walk in the mountains surrounding Inle Lake. Another treat could be considered a relay: with sections on bike, in a cart, hiking around the Valley of the Temples and, finally, riding a bicycle or snorkeling at Ngapali Beach.

Safety first

Regardless of the political regime of the country, Club Aventure believes that isolating the Burmese is counter productive. Mindful of the safety of travelers and making it an absolute priority, the tour operator has developed a travel itinerary that stops at safe places. Of course, Club Aventure closely monitors Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Travel Reports and Warnings. Even once at the destination, the itinerary could be modified in order to reassure concerned travelers, if necessary. Finally, it is worth noting that Club Aventure only works with private companies on-site.

When and what?

There are options from October to January, and a first trip is already planned for November.

As far as clothing is concerned, know that the weather is rather cool in the mountains, with temperatures between 5 and 200 C. It is very hot in Yangon, with an average temperature of 30 0 C. At the beach and in the rest of the country, temperatures vary from 20 to 300 C.

A reminder

You will need a visa and vaccination against yellow fever (mandatory certificate). Plan a few weeks ahead. A visit to your travel clinic with your itinerary in hand will provide you with all of the necessary information on precautions, vaccines and medicine to take with you.

Ready for a lovely and sweet adventure?

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume


Translation: Christiane Théberge


Kyaiktivo Pagoda or "Golden Rock"

 Pindaya's Buddha

Floating gardens


Bagan (photo Simon Lavoie)

Ngapali Beach





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