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A Mystery Trip? 

You consider yourself to be a great traveller

You have travelled everywhere on the five continents

You have travelled on your own, with a spouse, with a group

Adventure doesn’t put you off

You feel that nothing would surprise you anymore… or almost

You like to wander off the beaten track

Well, you are probably ready for a Mystery Trip!

What exactly is it?

To start with: it’s a well-hidden secret!

Until reaching the airport for departure, travellers don’t have any idea of the destination they are heading to.

Travellers are, of course, given recommendations as to what to pack and bring with them. After all, your suitcase wouldn’t be the same for a trip to Alaska as it would be for Ecuador!

You must also trust that the team has put together an unforgettable experience.

You can believe that the destination will be a new one or unknown, and that reinvented itineraries will be explored and memorable moments will be experienced.

And overall, you cannot be apprehensive!

Traditours and its Mystery Trips

This travel concept was developed by Voyages Traditours a few years ago. To date, Burma, Bali – in a royal environment - Ecuador and the Galapagos have all been mystery trips that were subsequently integrated into the regular program of the travel agency.

Who will dare do it?

Are you still not sure? Read what suspense writer Louise-Marie Bédard says about it:


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