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In shape in KAUAI

In shape, active and watching out for vibrant and fun experiences.This is the type of woman who should be interested in the Wild Women Expeditions’ offer. This is very far (for the better, intellectually speaking) from the TV show “Baywatch”…

The multi-sports adventure we are talking about can attract sports fans of all levels. For each sport, lessons are designed for the first-timer, as well as for those who wish to improve.

The most popular sport is the “Stand-up Paddle,” a form of kayaking, standing on a surfboard with paddles. Surfing, as well as going in a traditional Hawaiian canoe, and many hiking expeditions on more stable land, sometimes of a warm red hue, are other options…

Sites of overwhelming beauty

Kauai is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. A true tropical paradise with its forests, valleys, cascades, flowering bushes, vertiginous cliffs on the Pacific and caverns that can be visited by kayak.

The program includes visits to the Waimea Canyon, the Makana Mountain and the Napali coast.

Sleeping in private residences

This outstanding adventure is based in a beautiful private house on the North Coast of Kauai in breathtaking Hanalei Bay.

The residence is walking distance from the village, where restaurants, cafés and boutiques can be found.

Most of the meals are served at the house by the guide herself – who has more than one trick up her sleeve! On the traditional Hawaiian menu are seafood, meat, organic fruits and vegetables, local grown coffee, etc.

Close by

Honolulu… worth the detour.

And finally… they rest

Fortunately, there are also periods of relaxation and reflection with yoga sessions, massages and musical performances in the botanical gardens, and more.

Workshops are offered to agile hands, where you can learn to make iconic Hawaiian objects such as leis (flower necklaces), baskets, rugs and straw hats.

To get in the mood

Read about the rich history of Hawaii, and for more guilty pleasures, watch the movies “South Pacific,” the iconic 1958 musical comedy and a more recent success from George Clooney, “The Descendants”.


The trip is offered a few times a year. The next one is scheduled from June 28 to July 5 and we would recommend booking soon.

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge





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