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A luxurious Scottish rail vacation 

Be seduced. Relax and indulge yourself. Think about the castles steeped in romance, the golden and exceptional whisky and… the more-than-comfortable cars of The Royal Scotsman, an Orient-Express signature train.

Indeed, a royal treatment is what you will receive on board this train, which crosses Scotland under its legendary name. Even though its cars have been modernized, they keep their cachet with rich mahogany paneling and luxurious fabrics.

Will you be among the privileged?

Only 36 guests travel on the Royal Scotsman during each journey in private and intimate cabins, followed by an open-deck observation car where comfortable sofas and an outdoor terrace allow the best photo-perfect memories to be made of pine-clad mountains reflected in mirror-still lochs and a pine marten dashing for cover in the woodland.

Dining on board is a gourmet experience. Dinner allows guests to experience local, seasonal produce in a beautiful mahogany-paneled dining room.

The ambiance varies over the journey: one night dinner is served in a more relaxed atmosphere with an informal dress code. On another night, it becomes more formal, calling for a tuxedo, kilt and evening gown.

Don’t have a kilt? Don’t worry! A tailor-made Highland Dress can be fitted for you and delivered on board or to your hotel before boarding if you would like to purchase one. The option to rent one for the journey is also offered on the train.

Daydream or night dream

All day, your dreams will take form. And they will last through the whole journey.

Before bedtime, a local clansman will recount the best Scottish tales, bringing history alive over a wee dram.

With the train stopped at night in a quiet setting, you will be assured a good night’s sleep in your private cabin with its own private bathroom, constant hot water, full-length wardrobe, individual controlled heating and cooling ceiling fans as well as a cabin service call button. Each bed is furnished with the best linens and a hypoallergenic duvet.

Meeting local personalities … and the Monarch of the Glen

Here and there along the way, guests are invited to disembark to visit places of interest and meet local personalities and experts on subjects such as whiskey or salmon fishing.

Scotland is home to a rich array of wildlife and the Royal Scotland offers a true Highlands Safari... with the so-called “Monarch of the Glen”, the iconic red deer, the Highland cattle, the Ospreys, the red squirrels, just to name of few of the creatures that are used to seeing the train go by.


April and May for the parade of birds, fish, cascades and wild flowers.
June to August when nature activities are in full bloom.
September and October for the tree festival of colors.

And remember, whisky tasting is a year-round activity…!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge





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