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Bedazzlement in Dubai

At Atlantis...

We’ll bet that the aquatic adventures offered to children of all ages at the Hotel Atlantis The Palm in Dubai are the most exciting and spectacular in the world.

Among exuberant décor, moreover… just think of the mysterious Ziggurat pyramid-shaped tower with its loooong waterslide!

Adrenalin at its fullest!

Fall 9 stories in one second, dart across a shark and skate-filled lagoon in a transparent tube or simply play with the dolphins.

Dive and splash to your heart’s content, shout yourself hoarse in water slides or paddle with your hands and feet in the white waters of the endless Torrent River, trying to beat its tidal effect, and survive a one-meter high water wall in the wave pool.

Then relax (at last!) on a 700-meter long private sandy beach surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It’s so calm compared to the aqua park in the hotel!

All sorts of other under water activities, both educational and fun, are planned: learning to breathe, to feed fish, etc. And of course, there is the discovery of the renowned lost city of Atlantis…

Parents will want to join their children for the snorkeling or diving lessons or for a short cruise around Dubai and its breathtaking landscapes.

Celebrating a family event?

Event planning services are available to ensure the success of your event. All you have to do is ask for it… and pay for it! Some events are worth it, aren’t they?

Everlasting memories are guaranteed!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge 





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