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Youth and eternal snow

Those who have seen “Youth,” the masterful recent movie by Paolo Sorentino, have certainly been one of many to think, at the end of the show, how nice it would be to find oneself in that hotel-spa, almost playing the main character in the movie, to be pampered, to rejuvenate and reflect on life.

Well, it is quite possible since the Waldhaus is more than a movie set. Located in Flims in the Lake Cauma area, in the midst of the Swiss Alps with views on of the Rhine Gorge, this mountain resort and spa certainly opens the door to a magical world.

Iconic architecture

Combining the main building of the hotel, built 140 years ago, to its neighboring pavilions, showing varied architectural styles, we should be ready to believe that all the promises this site puts forward will be held. After all, it was awarded the “Hotel of the Year 2013” prize in Switzerland.

Not only can we gaze upon the beauty of the 5-star Grand Hotel seen in the movie, but we also are given the choice to stay in the Chalet Belmont, a 4-star Swiss chalet combining hardiness and modernity, or in the Villa Silvana of the Belle Époque style.

And to enjoy the new pool topped with a glass cube allowing the sun and the stars to illuminate the swimmers. Art in full light!

Grand art

The Waldhaus Flims, known to be the largest hotel built in a park in Switzerland, is also recognized as a strong supporter of the history of the art it has always showcased. It houses a museum that tells its own history and the constant evolution of arts with works of art, artifacts, useful objects, as well as some curious and interesting pieces left behind by guests over time.

Great choice of ambiance and tastes

The five restaurants (among which is a buffet restaurant for children) all provide exceptional views and stand for excellent cuisine and good wine.

The spa: traditional and innovative

It offers everything: relaxing and medicinal massages, thermal and aromatic experiences, dry, humid, Finland and Moroccan spas, etc.

And a personal coach is on duty for your fitness plan, including a weight loss program through Nordic walking, skiing, trekking, yoga or Pilates.

Not to mention the addition of Alpine air, which is an excellent regenerator of itself.

Some sound advice: watch the movie “Youth” before leaving for the Waldhaus Films. It might prepare your soul for the experience.

And you never know, you might meet larger-than-life personalities during your stay!

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Théberge