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Pow-Wow in Manawan

MIRO PE ICAKW!  (Welcome)

The Atikamekw, of the great Algonquin family, represent one of the eleven Aboriginal nations of Quebec. There are three communities, or reserves, of Atikamekw: two in the Mauricie and one of Manawan in Lanaudière, near Joliette. This is where we headed to meet the 2,400 residents who participate in two-day annual Pow-Wow celebrations.

To experience a Pow-Wow is to participate in a celebration that celebrates music, dance, regalia (traditional dress), typical dishes and Aboriginal crafts. It is a unique, pleasant, family-oriented, colorful and expressive activity offered by a very welcoming and proud community.

Outside, aboriginal and non-aboriginal people are welcome and can set up their tent for the weekend, provided they forego alcohol and drugs, which are prohibited on site. A hostel also welcomes visitors at the entrance to the village. Bring a smile and prepare to be drawn into the dance!

Throughout the summer, more than twenty Pow-Wows are organized throughout the province of Québec. It may be a little late to participate this year, but why not put this party on your agenda for next summer?

Another way to discover the heritage and Aboriginal culture.

This activity might make you, like us, more interested in discovering the heritage and Aboriginal culture.

So, why not plan a Nature and Culture visit for 2 nights, spending 3 days in nature on the island of Matakan. Spend a night in a teepee, go canoeing, fishing, or take a workshop on medicinal plants and the Atikamekw language. This is offered by Tourisme Manawan.

Preparing the skin of the drums to create the sound for the dance

The Grand Entrance, opening parage

Spectacular regalia 
One-third of the people on the site wear ceremonial clothes known as regalia.  They are a symbol of the identity and spiritual traditions of the Aboriginal nation.

Women's Dance 

The dance of the children

A few participants

Texts and photos: Isabelle Tétreault

September 2017