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Vienna: as colorful as a rainbow 

In Central Europe, Vienna has become the ideal meeting place for the gay and lesbian community.

Evidence of this is its Rainbow Parade (CSD), which attracts more than 100,000 participants each June on its famous Ringstrasse boulevard; its Life Ball, which sets the tone for the famous Vienna Ball season at the beginning of the year and is held in its magnificent neo-Gothic town hall; its many bars, cafes and restaurants that are exclusively for LGBTQ patrons. Even the famous Schönbrunn Palace has started offering a civil ceremony for gays and lesbians.

Not to mention that Vienna will host the famous EuroPride from May 19 to June 19, 2019.

And much more

Its fantastic architecture, both monumental around the Ring and that of its Golden Quarter with its magnificent Art Deco buildings, its hundreds of museums, theaters and concert halls that offer more than 15,000 concerts each year, make it a must-see and magnificent cultural capital.

Why not take a guided tour?

This begins with the Belvedere Palace, a magnificent Baroque building that was the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, himself gay, and is now home to the largest collection of works by Gustav Klimt. The Maison de l'Opéra, created by a gay architect, the Prince Eugène Winter Palace, the Kaisebründl, the famous gay sauna, Saint Stephen's Cathedral, the Golden Quarter, the Hofburg, some museums, and the apartment where composer Franz Schubert died, are some of the stops of the course that can not be complete without taking a break in one of the famous cafes.

Speaking of coffee

Do not forget the famous coffee houses of the city. In addition to the Café Savoy, whose "very" baroque interior is impressive, the Café Berg is also noteworthy.

Do not miss tasting the creations of confectioner Demel, which has two centuries of tradition that guarantee the best Sacher Torte in town! I can verify this myself as a certified gourmet enthusiast!

If the stomach gurgles

For something a little more substantial, head to the Sixta where Austrian cuisine with a contemporary twist is served by beautiful young waiters. Café Willendorf offers vegetarian choices on a small friendly terrace. At Santo Spirito, Mediterranean specialties are served with classical music in the background. And the fantastic cuisine of Motto and Motto am Fluss attracts LBGTQ customers.

Most importantly, make a stop at City Hall to see a restaurant with impressive and unexpected decor. What is lost in intimacy is gained in character!

Whether you are talking about gulasch, wiener schnitzel, tafelspitz, apple studel, topfen strudel (white cheese and raisins), these dishes are served everywhere in the city. In dining rooms, on terraces, on roofs, in bistro settings, in old inns, under historic vaulted cellars, or amongst sumptuous decor. There is an embarrassment of choice!

Easy and accessible

To discover this city one must of course walk and be guided by the smells and noises and... courage!

The official City Card allows you to travel for 24, 48 or 72 hours by metro, bus and tram, as well as gives you access to more than 200 savings. It starts from €13.90.

In addition, there is the Gay & Lesbian Guide created by the Vienna Tourist Board, which can be obtained from the city's tourist offices and is largely available on the website.

Enjoy your stay in this great city filled with history, culture, music and a thousand other pleasures!

Christiane Théberge

Belvedere Palace

City Hall





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