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A unique hotel-museum in Old Montréal

It’s a new establishment, with corridors and bedrooms that are haunted by the souls of the characters and the echoes of the events that transformed Montreal during the 1960s and 1970s.

The building, located on Place d'Youville, bordered by the Pointe-à-Callière museum and built above the city's foundations, was indeed conducive to this historical and cultural immersion.

But why did they choose these 20 years? For Montreal, it was an effervescent period that we experienced in Quebec during what is today called "the quiet revolution" and as it prepared to host Expo 67, which would not only activate its growth spurt, but would also constitute an exceptional opening into the world for Montrealers and Quebecers.

33 stories about Montréal...

Each of the 33 rooms tells a chapter in Montreal’s history with the help of 400 archival photos and a hundred vintage objects.

In the bedrooms, custom furniture is surrounded by vintage wallpaper. A rotary telephone sits on the bedside table and a selection of vinyl records is patiently waiting to be listened to. Add a comfortable bed, a few surprises, and all of the modern amenities of luxury hotels, and you will have it all at the Uville.

In addition, the cinema occupies a special place. The television provides access to an application created exclusively for the hotel, in partnership with The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), which offers approximately 140 original films, in French and English, which plunge visitors into the heart of the cultural turmoil of these landmark years. There is something for everyone: an experimental film on the music of Leonard Cohen and Robert Charlebois, documentaries on culture, little gems from silent films that show Montreal at the time…

Each floor has its own theme

On the 4th floor, it is the 60s. Things are changing in Quebec and Montreal, both socially and culturally. Not to mention the sports scene, when Maurice Richard "the Rocket" scored a hat trick to give the Montreal Canadiens his first Stanley Cup.

On the 3rd floor, Montreal is preparing to host Expo 67.

The second takes us back to the years that followed. It pictures the rights of LGBTQ communities; women following in the footsteps of Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain in politics; René Lévesque founding the Parti Québécois, dedicated to the independence of Québec. And behind the door to room 205, John Lennon and Yoko Ono share a kiss: a photo taken during their bed-in organized in Montreal, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Those are just a few of the highlights of the Hotel Uville! What a great way to discover Montreal and a bit of its history!

Christiane Théberge

The Uville Hotel is part of the Epik Collection. Small places, big dreams. 

A room 

 Maurice Richard in action...and others

Leonard Cohen... and others








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