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No excuse to stay at home

Even with limited physical capacity

The Complice Service set up by the Kéroul organization accredits Québec travel agents who are particularly attentive to the needs of people with motor, visual or hearing impairments. They are familiar with the resources that ensure a successful and accessible journey.

A guide for the outdoors

Kéroul also publishes a guide covering a wide range of adapted activities - terrestrial, nautical and aerial - in both summer and winter in Quebec.

Need travel assistance?

Some organizations offer travel assistance for those who need help with certain transfers and travel, hygiene and food. Kéroul will recommend these organizations.

In addition, the organization publishes adapted advice on its website and also offers conferences to travelers with disabilities. A very inspiring blog also allows travelers to share their travel adventures. And they do not only talk about cruises, which we already know are very popular with travelers with disabilities!

For the more adventurous

Why not take a safari in South Africa?

A few agencies and wholesalers (also listed on the Kéroul website) take up the challenge of providing specialized services for travelers with disabilities, including Endeavor, with its safaris.

They could help you realize a dream. Talk to your Complice travel agent.

Kéroul, definitely an invaluable resource!

Christiane Théberge

At the beach

On a safari