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The stars of the Gaspésie are finally on our tables!

The 149 captains-owners of the Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels de homard du sud de la Gaspésie (RPPSG) and their crew have been sailing every morning since May 9 for the new lobster fishing season. For the next few weeks, they will return each morning to harvest these precious crustaceans that we may have fresh on our tables.

Easy to spot 

And do not forget that lobster from Gaspésie is a unique, sustainable fishing product. You can trace its origin, its exact fishing location and even the fisherman who captured it. 

Gaspé fishermen have been responding to this important concern for 10 years now by identifying their lobster directly on the boat by attaching a round medallion to one of the claw. 

This allows consumers to trace the exact origin of the crustacean and, as a result, consumers are assured that they are buying a superior quality product from the Gaspésie that was caught in a way that was fully respectful of the environment.

The Gaspé fishermen were the first, and the only in Eastern Canada, to trace 100% of their catch on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec along the coastline of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The lobster fishing in this area has been certified sustainable and is well managed under the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) International Scientific Certification Program.

Its traceability, certifications and recommendations make the Gaspesian lobster a unique product that everyone will enjoy tasting!

Meet your fisherman

Simply enter the number listed on the lobster’s medallion on the association's websit, and you can watch a video that shows "your fisherman" in action, as well as learn more about him, his fishing method, his boat, etc. Ours was numbered CA9341. Go ahead and search and you will find him!

If you buy a cooked lobster, do not forget to ask for the medallions from the merchants, if they are not already on the claws, in order to find "your fisherman".

Indulge your tasting buds

Do not forget to immerse your lobsters in salted water for five minutes after cooking them 15 to 18 minutes per pound in salt water - we are told that it can never be too salty. This is so your lobster will remain tender and tasty. Otherwise, it may be rubbery and dry.

Whether you prefer simple or more sophisticated recipes, you will find on the website of Les Producteurs de lait du Québec several ways to enhance the taste of lobster with melted seasoned butter, but also many recipes that will allow you to cook it differently.

Indulge yourself while discovering the excellent products of Quebec! And why not accompany it all with a good wine also produced in Quebec. You will find a wide variety on the website. 

And above all, enjoy! This fishing season is short-lived.

Christiane Théberge 


Fresh out of the water

Playing the star before being cooked

Ready to be served





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