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The stars of the Gaspésie are finally on our tables!

Once again this year, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth's Chef's Brigade is seducing us with dishes in which the Gaspé lobster is the star.

Accompanied by other local products, such as fiddleheads, sea parsley oil, salicorne, bonito, dulse*, serviceberry and melilot**, surprising delights have been concocted with lobster right under our very eyes and then deeply enjoyed.

On the menu

For starters, a Gaspesian salad with lobster meat, fiddleheads, salmon roe, sea parsley oil and salicorne mustard prepared by the hotel's executive chef, Baptiste Peupion. What colors and freshness!

Then, Jean-Philippe Desjardins, head of the Marché Artisans, concocts a lobster okonomiyaki waffle - inspired by the salted Japanese crepe - served with candied garlic mayo, cedar reduction and dulse flakes. What a nice Japanese inspiration for our Gaspesian lobster. It is a real favourite!

Finally, Jean-Marc Guillot, the Executive Pastry Chef surprises us with what could have been a simple citrus lobster tart. Instead it was almost a work of art, where the colours and flavours of chocolate, maple, lime, avocado and lobster filled a black rice and activated charcoal pie, which was so crisp to the bite. It was a highly successful medley of sweet and salty!

Are your taste buds excited?

This was our goal! What a delightful evening, which Le Regroupement des pêcheurs professionnels de homard du sud de la Gaspésie had invited us to.
It is a non-profit organization whose role is to represent the interests of fishermen in the region and to promote this exceptional product, a mission they take great pride in.

And do not forget that lobster from Gaspésie is a unique, sustainable fishing product. You can trace its origin, its exact fishing location and even the fisherman who captured it. See our article on this subject.

You can get started as well, and try to innovate with these local products, which are just waiting to be discovered. Forget the lobster butter with garlic – a dish in which the crustacean does really only taste of garlic. Be creative and if you need inspiration, advice and local products, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth's Marché Artisans is waiting to help you with both product advice and product offerings.

You can of course let yourself be spoiled, just like us, by the chefs of this four-star hotel, who will certainly not fail to impress you with their talent if you choose to present yourself at one of its tables, be it Rosélys restaurant or its Marché Artisan, which offers quick and tasty meals every day.

Indulge yourself while discovering the excellent products of Quebec! And why not accompany it all with a good Chardonnay, also produced in Quebec: the Chardonnay La Plage 2017, a product of the Coteau Rougemont vineyard and cider house. Available at the SAQ.

Do not delay! The lobster season is so short!

Christiane Théberge

* Dulse: This purplish-red alga is harvested by hand on the Gaspesian point. Its flavor evokes shrimp.

** Melilot: This is a wild plant that grows everywhere in Quebec. Its light flowers, once dried, have a fragrance that evokes vanilla.

PS: Do not forget to immerse your lobsters in salted water for five minutes after cooking them 15 to 18 minutes per pound in salt water - we are told that it can never be too salty. This is so your lobster will remain tender and tasty. Otherwise, it may be rubbery and dry.





Fresh out of the water

Playing the star before being cooked

Ready to be served

The famous lobster waffle

And the lobster tart