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La Grande Dégustation 

Montréal is celebrated with Champagne

Bubbles were needed to mark the 375th anniversary of Montreal. It is therefore the French region of Champagne that will be the region honored at the annual meeting of wine, beer and spirit lovers in Montreal: La Grande Dégustation.

After all, the two co-founders of Montreal, Jeanne Mance and Paul de Chomeday de Maisonneuve, were from Champagne!

A unique rendez-vous

La Grande Dégustation de Montréal is a unique event where winegrowers, distillers and brewers gather to share their passion with more than 13,000 wine, beer and spirits connoisseurs and professionals.

Three days of discovery and innovation, the Grande Dégustation de Montréal facilitates contact with specialists from all over the world and offers an unparalleled tasting experience where food and wine pairings are highlighted. They allow visitors to meet experienced winegrowers and mixologists, who come from all over the world for the occasion.

  • 200 exhibitors
  • 15 countries
  • 188 producers
  • 1200 bottles to taste
  • 800 private imports available per unit

To follow fashion 

Visitors will also be able to watch demonstrations and tastings intended to better tame the world of mixology, which seems to attract more and more followers.

Great news

A free application can be downloaded in October, which offers features that will enhance the visitor experience.

A greener event

Pictograms will allow visitors to quickly locate producers who favor a sustainable approach and the public will be invited to bring their corks for recycling.

Where? and When?

Place Bonaventure in Montreal

Thursday, November 2 (professionals), and Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4 (general public).

How much?

Tickets: $15
Pre-sale: $12
Tasting coupon: $1

It is a more than affordable opportunity, especially if you remember to drink in moderation!

Christiane Théberge