Buenos Aires

Culturally Gay, Bi and Trans 

Argentina’s capital has always been known for its “double” personality: both European and South American. This shows in its architecture, cultural activities, food, and in the refinement, elegance and attitude of its population.

This personality is not only “bi,” but “trans” as well, since its European influence did not come only from Spanish colonization. Italians, English, Germans and the French have also left their imprints on this land.

Culture and sophistication

As living proof of its European fascination for visual arts and performing arts, Buenos Aires houses more than one hundred museums and 200 musical or theater shows going on at the same time on a continuous basis.

Fashion boutiques for men and women are mostly concentrated in the Palermo, SoHo, Hollywood and Las Canitas districts and the grand boulevards and the lovely parks of the city are the best places to see the beautiful fashion creations worn by fashionistas.

Another must in the city, the Barrio Parque district, is where the old families of Buenos Aires and TV stars live in huge villas.

This should please all kinds!

An increase since 2000

Since the beginning of the 21st century, many laws in Argentina have established the full recognition of gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals. This has no doubt contributed to the increase in cultural and touristic activities in the city, which was nonetheless already an LGBT destination.

Santa Fe Avenue is the Gay Street per excellence. But the gay community is not totally concentrated there and is also present in the Recoleta, Palermo and San Telmo districts.
Neighborhoods with the most restaurants, bars and gay clubs are without doubt Palermo, downtown and Las Canita.

Recoleta apartments are highly recommended by the Gay community even if the stay is only for a few days.

Custom-made guided tours

The Gay Guide proposes custom-made tours with various durations as per specific interests.

The personalized tours are guided by young urban professionals, and specifically intend to show places that are very popular with the local population and to avoid tourist traps, without neglecting the must-sees, should they interest you.

Tango as well

This seductive dance for which Argentina is famous is not for heterosexual couples only. More and more schools and dance halls are dedicated to making the dance known and loved by gay people. Queer Tango and La Marshall are two of them.

Buenos Aires: a destination full of gay surprises.

Research and French original: Sylvie Berthiaume

Translation: Christiane Th├ęberge


Barrio Parque

Queer Tango